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This is a a chance to join multi million dollar company.

SuperLife serves as a platform for many opportunities in business and networking, encouraging participants to focus on long term relationships rather than short term gains. We are passionate about helping ordinary people change their lives physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. We embrace a culture where anyone who joins us will feel of this platform as a home. We welcome people from all diverse background and are eager to work and achieve a global vision

We at SuperLife are also concerned with the environment and endeavour to become an ecofriendly platform, therefore, we work to ensure our products come natural resources with no additives.
We therefore welcome all leaders who want to partake this great opportunity in their respective countries and grow the business globally.

SUPERLIFE has a mind blowing COMPENSATION PLAN to those that want to partake this multi-billion dollar industry business opportunity and become partners with the company.



Receive 1 box of STC30


Receive 2 boxes of STC30


Receive 10 boxes of STC30


Receive 22 boxes of STC30



This is what the company pays you for directly sponsoring anyone and it’s not limited the company will continue to pay you for each person you directly introduce


This is enjoyed by Super leaders for registering people in the system.
3% of the total amount of the package is given as key in bonus just for signing up a person in the system


This is enjoyed by a person with a higher rank when his or her downliner sponsor a person above his rank.
E.g Peter Supreme >sponsor John Star > who sponsors Tom Supreme
When a Supreme plus sign up the company pays out $175.00.
In this case John as start gets his $60 bonus and the remaining $80 rolls up to Peter who is a supreme
If a super join a supreme who joins a star who then sponsor a Super.
When a Super joins the company releases $350.00
Star gets his $80, $160 rolls up to supreme, $110 rolls up to super.
Power of joining with a higher package,/p>


This is what the company pays you as you match your left and right leg. That means every time there is a match on your left and right. The company pays you even if you are not the person that directly introduced that person.

End to End Installation of the entire working code


Buying and selling is not mandatory.
✅ Registration is once and international.
✅ You can join from any country.
✅ You earn till infinity.
✅ Its instant and daily payouts.
✅ You can earn without referring anyone through spillover.
✅ No demotion and no target.

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