Established in 2017, SuperLife started with a team of business professionals who strive to provide the public with products that are genuinely beneficial to the health of consumers as well as their aesthetic well-being.

A great vision and strong determination is the key for a company’s success in today’s business environment. A truly international company needs a mastery of information and communication technology in order to establish its presence in a global competitive business environment. Today’s business would have to rely heavily on technology information, or social media, which have emerged to be an indispensable tool for venturing into the global market, for robust revenues creation and for sustaining growth on a global scale.

Superlife World

Superlife is a Malaysian based international company that distributes food supplements and cosmetics. With its core business as a multilevel marketing / direct selling company, its businesses are conducted under strict rulings and business etiquettes. Working alongside local authorities around the globe and its Switzerland partner Mibelle Group to produce superfoods, have made SuperLife’s business reliable and grow with strong expectations.

There are range of cutting edge products distributed using word of mouth advertising or online. When you join the company, the person who introduced you (your sponsor) gets a commission.

Business Convenience

Superlife has an online system that keeps track of your business activities and you get rewarded for sponsoring other people into the business and movement and or sales of their products. There is a reason why our products are so unique, so awesomely unique that we don’t need to pass through the usual stress to market it like others.

The company rewards you generously and immediately using compensation plan that rewards you. Your bonus points are reflected on the web based system ( instantly. These points are redeemable into cash (USD) or equivalent within the Superlife community. Start your Superlife community today.

Business Opportunity

Superlife is owned by Lai Tek Kean, who achieved 1.2 million in the first year in network marketing industry. He is multiple award winning and well-respected man with over 25 years in financial planning industry (mdrt & top agency manager) before inventing Superlife. These awesome qualities made Malaysian based company called Superlife partner with Mibelle Biochemistry.

 We are therefore looking for business partners from all over the world to lead in the distribution of this latest invention and deliver great health to the community as well as great wealth. We at SuperLife are also concerned with the environment and endeavour to become an ecofriendly platform, therefore, we work to ensure our products come natural resources with no additives.